Friday, October 2, 2020

Today's poem by James Hofford

 Today's poem comes from a book I have called

I thought I'd just take a picture and post it, rather than try to type it out! It is absolutely true of the way the colors are this time of year at Windy Poplars Farm, and all around us. 


  1. That is a brilliant poem that captures the essence of autumn's trees.

  2. This is lovely! And matches your current header photo :-)

  3. This is a great use of words. They paint a pretty picture very similar to your header photo.

  4. It is no wonder people drive for miles to see your fall colors in their full splendor.

    1. And other countries!! This weekend the roads are always packed, though the very best of the foliage is done up here. The southern part of the state still has a lot of color.


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