Sunday, February 9, 2020

Today's poem by Midge Goldberg

Busy Signal

No busy signal from his cell,
Instead I'm on "call waiting."
I can't hang up the phone and so
I'm left anticipating

Whether when he sees my name
He'll want to take the call,
And if he doesn't, am I on
His contact list at all?

Or am I still a nameless number
In this three-way hell,
Will he know it's me or think
"That doesn't ring a bell"?

And who is on the other line
He might prefer to me:
His mother, sister, college friend,
That girl on speed dial 3?

But if I choose to end it then
"missed call" gives me away.
No anonymity will hide
The things I didn't say.

Times have changed, these days there are
No hang-ups any more;
I'm strong enough, so go ahead:
Accept or else Ignore.

Midge Goldberg
from Snowman's Code


  1. This is a good one and oh so true. No hangups anymore. You can't change your mind.

    1. And you can't slam the phone down if you are angry!

  2. I read this post today on my phone while RH was driving us on some errands and it really made me think of how very different life is now with all these technologies that I couldn't even imagine as a child. I have to admit that caller ID is one of the greatest inventions ever, but the one that bugs me the most is not being able to talk to a real person without jumping through many hoops. (Comcast, I'm talking about you!)

    1. I suppose that's the way it is with everything. Some changes are good, and others not so good, and likely people all see them in different ways.

  3. Nan, this is a marvelous photo of your home! I love it, especially the wisp of smoke from the fire below.

  4. This poem made me smile. But perhaps this is only because I'm never in this sort of situation. The world for my grandchildren is so so light years away from the world I knew growing up in the 50s and early 60s. In some ways better but in so many ways worse, at least politically. Technology has given people problems they never had before and ruined lots of possible plots for mystery novels.

    1. I particularly loved the last part of your last sentence!

  5. That’s funny ... I’m well past most of the worries she has, but I do have a friend who sometimes puts me on hold to take another call, which vexes me. I don’t have any idea how to do that and wouldn’t even if I could. ..... is that your lovely home in your header? ....with the icicle lace fringe!

    1. Yes, it is my house! I don't think I have yet been put on hold, but it seems to me not a nice thing to do!


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