Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hazel Nina and The Littles

Have you ever read any of the books in The Littles series by John Peterson? They were a big hit with my kids, and I still have their childhood copies. Early in January, when Hazel Nina was 13 months old, I took the first in the series off the shelf and thought we’d read it to her at nap time. 

Her crib is in the bedroom, so when she begins getting sleepy we go upstairs and pile on the big bed having a quiet time with stuffed animals and books. Tom and I take turns reading, and then I sing her the old Pat Boone song, April Love, as she nods off. This began when she was a very little baby. I had bought the song on iTunes ages ago, and happened to play it one day downstairs when I was holding her. She fell right asleep in my arms. It happened again and again, as we all shook our heads in wonder. I’ve thought of messaging Mr. Boone on his Facebook page and telling him that he has new fan. 

Anyhow, she was quite enthralled with The Littles. She peered at the cover and illustrations with great interest. We’d read a little bit each day, and when it was finished, went on to The Littles Take a Trip. Hazel had the same fascination with this book. 

February 24

When we began The Littles Give a Party her enthusiasm for the series took on a new intensity.

March 10

April 2

May 22

We got to chapter 8, and have proceeded no further. She takes the book away and won’t give it back. She studies it and ‘reads’ it. Her little babbling voice is so sweet and completely different from the sounds she usually makes.

June 12

The other day she tore the cover off, hugged it to her face, and gave it a little kiss. What on earth is it about this book that so captures her imagination? We’ll never know, and I guess I just have to read the book on my own to find out if Granny Little ever gets her 80th birthday party! 


  1. Beautiful little girl and her beautiful grandparents! You have something special there, Nan. It does make you wonder why certain songs, books make such an impression - these mysteries of life.

  2. What a sweet story. Your life is so blessed with this Little Nina.

  3. How sweet! I love the fact that Hazel is already a 'reader'. She comes by it naturally - right? :-)

  4. This is the sweetest of bedtime stories; little Hazell Nina and her love of a Little book. Your sweet chronicling of the book and the littlest reader would make a sweet book itself, Nan.

  5. This is so lovely, Nan. Hazel Nina's love for that book brought back memories of my two-year old carrying around a much beloved copy of The Human Comedy by William Saroyan. We hadn't read it out loud--he chose it out of the bookcase and kept it by his side for a long time. Was it the red cover? The boy on the bike on the cover? We don't know. It seemed like such a philosophical title for such a very young man.

  6. I don't know The Littles series but can imagine that I would have been completely in love with them as a child. I loved Mary Norton's "Borrowers" and often imagined to have such little people in my home, or even be one of them myself.
    Although it is a bit of a shame that one of the books is now torn, she did it for love, not because she wanted to destroy it...

  7. What beautiful memories.......All my children adored The Littles and the entire series. And Hazel Nina is so darling!

  8. This is honestly the sweetest happiest post I have ever read. Such joy. I wonder, since our kids and even my grands are too old to have had their happiness documented in this way -- I wonder if when Hazel Nina is old enough to read this post whether it will trigger memories ... Maybe she will be able to tell you why it was so special. In any case it is wonderful that you documented the beginning of her love of books. Lucky girl, lucky grandma and grandpa.

  9. P.S. I love those darling sheets. Can they be purchased anywhere that you know?

    1. Yes!,3170&T1=Z60111+180+04
      I have just the comforter cover, and love it. I really bought it so Hazel Nina could enjoy it. It came in a little bag, which we gave to her.

  10. What a lovely post! Hazel Nina is already reading, there's no doubt about it.

  11. Oh I love her, she is so precious. xx

  12. Building a book reader page by it! :) - J.


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