Thursday, July 17, 2014

The loss of Elaine Stritch

I’ve had the beginnings of a blog post in my drafts for over a year. It is about the 1970s English comedy series, Two’s Company. I’ll get around to writing about it sometime, but now it will be after one of the stars, Elaine Stritch is dead. She died today at 89 years old. She is renowned for her roles in the theatre, and perhaps for an American television series 30 Rock. But for me Elaine Stritch will now and always live in my heart as Dorothy McNab, American writer of spy stories and employer of an English butler, Robert, played by the equally wonderful Donald Sinden. 

I first saw a couple episodes on dvd years ago, and loved it so much I bought the full set. I have yet to finish the series because I parcel the episodes out, as you might good chocolates, so that they last longer. 

If you’d like to sample the show, there is a video hereThat same site had this to say about the series.
Dorothy McNab, a prickly American authoress needs domestic help for her new Chelsea townhouse. When Robert, an irrepressibly posh British butler applies, he takes an instant dislike to her.
A true Gentleman's Gentleman, Robert is stubborn and constantly frustrated by his employer's lack of decorum and sophistication. But in Dorothy he has met both his match and his adversary; equally stubborn and with a coarseness to match his impeccable manners, her indifference to all that is important to Robert is a constant source of friction between them.
Our Review: This culture clash comedy, owing to its inherent themes, may have dated a little since its mid-/late-1970s production but its humour has not suffered accordingly. Riotously funny throughout, the contrast between loud, new-money American authoress Dorothy McNab and her terribly posh, stiff-upper-lip butler Robert Hiller could not be greater.
Whilst the premise does sound somewhat predictable, there is plenty of mileage in the execution. The consistent quality of the four series (both in the scripts and the excellent performances) keep the show fresh, and a great-fun, joy-to-watch programme all these decades on.


  1. I was very sad to hear about Elaine Stritch's death, as well. She was always a favorite. I didn't know about the Two's Company series until reading your post (I don't know 1970s TV, so I thought you meant the other TV show about the three room mates, which would have surprised me). But, thank you for writing about this and it is in my Netflix queue now. I sure am going to miss Elaine Stritch.

  2. To me, she is a defence lawyer I loved to see on Law & Order. Someone posted a clip of her a Rudy's teacher from the Cosby Show. She was pretty awesome. This show sounds interesting.

  3. Nan, I was just preparing a post when I heard the sad news of Elaine Stritch's passing - in a rather synchronistic moment, then had a feeling that you would have a post on her. For some odd reason, I did not know of Two's Company, but, will seek it out. Thank you.

  4. This is the first time I've heard of this series, and it sounds just like the kind of thing I love!
    What I also love very much is your current header photo, and the happy Grammy on your side bar :-)

  5. So sorry to hear of the passing of dear Elaine Stritch. I remember watching the TV series Two's Company in the 1970's. It was always a favourite in our house and with no means of recording to watch later in those days, it was a case of sitting down and viewing "live", which we always did. Happy memories!

    Tasha T


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