Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown

It doesn't get much better in the world of books for babies than Little Fur Family. The soft cover is so appealing for children to touch as someone they love reads the words to them. The story is the age-old tale of a child's day.

The father leaves for work

and the mother gets the little one ready for the day

He visits his grandfather, he makes friends with fellow creatures in the wood, and at the end of his day of adventures

The opportunity for the reader to sing is a particularly nice touch.

I read this to Hazel Nina this morning (in my pajamas) and you can see that she thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a wonderful book for young children, and for those lucky enough to read to them.


  1. This brings back such happy memories! I read this book to my girls almost daily for years and still remember every word. Have saved our well loved copy to read to grandchildren someday.

    I'm glad Hazel Nina likes it, too :-)

  2. Oh so sweet and such tender memories. Lucky baby, lucky grandma, Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE this book. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  4. "All soft and warm," just like you and Hazel Nina! So perfect.

  5. I smile
    as memories of this one
    reading to her now grown children
    and grandchildren - which 3 grown and now 2 young ones
    that read constantly on their own.
    Oh what wonderful years you have in store
    enjoying these 2 babies :)

  6. Such a lovely post and photo! She is getting so big!

  7. It is very sweet, and I hope it won't ever "adapted" to suit the political correctness so en vogue today - for instance, that it is the father who goes out to work, and the mother who gives the child supper, and not the other way round, or with two fathers or two mothers, etc. Such sweet books are timeless, and I am sure one day Hazel Nina will remember it fondly as one of the very first memories of her life, sitting on her dear grandmother's lap and having this book read to her.

  8. Beautiful story, and what also struck me is the illustrations. I love those, the same way I love the ones in the Little Golden Books and the illustrations in Richard Scarry books.

    I also love seeing your granddaughter's attentiveness. I wonder, at her very young age, how it's all coming together in her mind: Your voice, your warmth, beautiful pictures, pages turning… maybe it even isn't a coherent whole yet for her, but so worth her attention, every moment.

  9. I had this book as a child. I suspect that the cover was real rabbit fur. I remember that I cuddled it until it was quite bald!

  10. Oh! I LOVE that last photo so very much! As a teenager (during the 70's!) I used to babysit and very often I would read books to babies. How much the mothers would laugh at me as they told me that the babies were "too little" for that!

  11. Lovely post and cherished moments!

  12. I love that book and I want to move in with that family. Cheers.

  13. Somehow I was not familiar with this book, Nan. I'd heard of the title and of course I love Margaret Wise Brown's GOODNIGHT MOON and Garth Williams work, but I can't remember ever reading about the little fur family. I'm going to get this for my grandson. He's just turned one and I think he's not too old for little furry adventures. :)

  14. Our children also adored this version of Little Fur Family in the furry edition, and I was able to find it for the grandchildren recently. Such a dear story...


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