Saturday, February 20, 2016

Today's poem by Susan Moorhead

I've read Susan Moorhead's blog for a long time, and when I learned she had a book of poetry coming out, I immediately bought it. It is a wonderful collection that you may buy at Finishing Line Press.

The one I'll share today is called:

I need the dog tonight

It's a night of worries fretting me like old bones
malformed by years of disease, the dull aching
pain flaring up when it threatens to rain. I wander

through the house, everyone asleep, checking
door knobs and window locks, but it's the thing
in me that can't get out after years of trying

to leave it behind. I walk the rooms turning off lights
I have just turned on, not restless but looking
for direction, just the old whirrings of a mind stirred

up with no ease in it, no place to curl up and rest.
I need the dog tonight. I find her, the furry snoring coil
at the foot of my daughter's bed, a bit of fluff and canine

neurosis that my sleeping child feels can guard her
from harm. The dog looks up, quizzical, waiting for my call,
but I see the peace of my daughter's outstretched arm,

the slack of her mouth, her long dark hair careless
on the white pillowcase, and I bid the dog goodnight.

Susan Moorhead


  1. How I empathize with these lines but thankfully have two of my own to snuggle with. And one of them has a few neuroses of his own and snaps at me if I shift in the night.

    1. That is very funny! I would love to be a fly on the wall and see it! Susan's poems are so accessible, so understandable to those of us reading them. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. I love this poem, she's new to me. I looked at her blog and will return. Thank you so much Nan. x

  3. We really do need the comfort and the particular companionship of our dogs--or in this family--the special cats. I enjoyed the sense of late night putting the house to bed that is expressed in this poem.
    I appreciate your header photo and text--looking up the Thoreau quote led me to Robert Frost's 'The Woodpile.'For so many homes today a wood stove is thought up as 'back-up' heat. In our recently converted Amish farmhouse wood heat is the only heat--and thus the woodpile is very important.

    1. Thank you for coming to leave a note. Susan writes wonderful poems. If you come back, I'd be interested in how many cords you burn a year.

  4. I am beyond honored to have a poem on your blog ! Thank you, Nan. This is lovely.

  5. That is a great poem. And I love your banner it is so true, nothing my husband likes better than pottering around with the wood pile. Thank you for your comment.


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