Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today's pictures/First views of baby robins

The mother had been away, and flew into the nearby lilac just as I was taking the photos. You may click on them to get a better look. I was standing up on the railing. :<)


  1. Oh, how sweet! There is nothing like the whispering peeps of baby birds. I have some baby wrens just outside my kitchen window that serenade me when I am washing dishes. I'll be sad when they fledge.
    If Momma Robin allows, keep us up to date on their developement. :)

  2. Your adorable photos reminded me of this Robert Louis Stevenson quote:
    Soon the frail eggs they
    shall chip, and upspringing
    Make all the May woods
    Merry with singing!

    Merry, indeed!

  3. Lucky you, Karin! What a gift to have them so close.
    Alison, I love, love, love this. I had never heard it. Thanks so much.


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