Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daylily season

Often I wonder how gardeners fared before the great surge of modern daylilies, as they are a mainstay of the summer garden.
Henry Mitchell, One Man's Garden

They surely are the "mainstay" of my garden, and all the gardens I see as I drive along. They are out in profusion; in dooryards, along stone walls, in borders, next to mailboxes. Everywhere I look. Orange, of course, but also many shades of yellow and pink. They are the most joyful flower. Reaching those blooms high, waving in the slightest breeze as if to say, "hello, it's summer!"


  1. As always, your photos are so nice to come home and see after a long day in the office. :-) Thank you for sharing.

  2. And I thank you for taking the time to drop by. How I love these daylilies.


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